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Everything Seaweed is a science-and-engineering-based company with big plans to make cool stuff from seaweed.  

Image by Jeana Bala

We Are A Startup

That means that we are busy getting ready, choosing sites for our future factory and pilot plant, renting offices and lab spaces, raising money, and talking to universities about research collaborations.

Seaweed Sourcing

When we are ready to go (soon!), we will be sourcing sustainably grown and harvested seaweeds from all over the world.


We are a B2B

We will work with other forward-looking companies who are also interested in making an impact on the environment, especially by making natural replacements for synthetics.

An Example

We want to work with cosmetics companies to replace the plastic microbeads polluting the oceans and poisoning the birds and fish. We can make an exfoliant from biodegradable seaweed fibers.

Image 11-28-21 at 10.22 PM.jpg

Our Service Model

We will work with companies in our labs to tailor the chemistry of our products for their specific goals. A cosmetics company will want something different than a coatings company. 

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